What a Night!

What a Night!

I don’t remember whose idea it was. Someone in one of our leadership groups said, “What if we had a baptismal service in the harbor?” Then came all the reasons it might not work. We have never tried it before. It will be cold. Where can we hold it? Will anyone come? How will we prepare for it?

But in this year of Jubilee when we celebrate 50 years of God’s faithfulness to our church, 50 years of freedom in Christ, we could not think of a more appropriate demonstration of that freedom than a public baptism.

So, we announced it. One person responded. Then two. Then a handful. And by the time we walked down to the Old Ferry Landing, we had 22 people who had signed up to be baptized. And by the time Pastor Megan was done preaching and elders were done listening to the confession and testimony of people who were being moved by the Holy Spirit, 41 people had gone under the waters of baptism! 41!

One entire family came just to watch. They were dressed in their street clothes. And they were compelled, one at a time, to walk into the waters… in their street clothes. We baptized a two year old and we baptized a woman in her 70s. And kids. So, so many young people came forward.

I will never forget that moment. The moon coming out behind us, boats anchored nearby, eavesdropping on the service, and perhaps 250 people hanging out everywhere, participating in one of the most memorable worship moments of my life.

What a night! God is stirring His Church like never before. Jubilee, indeed!

Pastor Mark