Around the church and around the community, everyone is getting ready.  The air is filled with the buzz of busyness.  Kids are preparing to go back to school after what I hear to be one of the most beautiful summers we have had.  Parents are hurrying to gather school supplies.  College students are embarking on the journey to their universities.  

We as a church join in the excitement of the busyness.  

Here are a few of the great things that are currently happening at Chapel Hill … 

As we learned last week, the Key Free Clinic is a free medical drop in center on the Key Peninsula hoping to open its doors on a weekly basis to offer care to the people of Gig Harbor and the Key Peninsula.  Last Sunday, you as a church rallied behind this effort and raised over $12,000 to help this much-needed effort.  Amazing! 

At the same time we have missionaries, Colin and Amy Lyons and their family being sent by us to Germany to serve with Youth For Christ & Military Youth Community. 

We also have two short-term mission teams that have been training for the past month as Go Teams to minister in Thailand and Cambodia this September. 

It is a great time to be a part of Chapel Hill.  Thank you for your generosity and sharing the love of Christ to our community and to the nations for the glory of God.


 Kevin Williams

Minister of Missions & Modern Worship