The Road to Lundazi

The Road to Lundazi

Hi everyone

We were up early and on the road by 7:30 this morning. Our traveling companions included Nancy, our friends Reverend Gerald Phiri and Reverend Kondwani Nkhoma, her 4 year old granddaughter Joyce, one of Dr Chilenge’s son’s, Daniel, and an older couple Mr. and Mrs. Banda. Dr Chilenge is the one who as a young minister had to cross the river with his bike over his head and all his materials and make sure to only cross once because the crocodiles would be alerted and get him if he went across again. Yes that makes nine passengers in one car.

nine in carNine of us in the car – our belongings on top





The road to Lundazi is much better than the first time Bob and I traveled there. It is paved the whole way now (although the pavement in parts looks like the road in front of our house on L Street) making the trip 10 – 11 hours. The first stop is at the border between Lusaka Province and Eastern Province. There is a colorful market right next to the Luanga River where one can buy a variety of dried fish. A few in our party took advantage of the fish market and we were reminded of the that the remainder of the trip. 

rebecca dried fishRebecca enjoys the back of the car right next to the green bag with the dried fish.





Next Nyimba for lunch where the choices are chicken and chips, samosa (filled with rice) and chips, or egg roll (fried egg, tomato, onion on a roll). The third stop is the capitol city of the province, Chipata where we filled up with petrol. Finally we arrived in Lundazi where Rebecca and I were dropped at the guest house. We said good-bye to our fellow travelers and found our room right across the hall where Bob and I usually stay. Rebecca and I are staying in a clean room with twin beds. We even have hot water for a shower – although we haven’t tried it out to see if it really works yet or not. We ordered chicken and chips and are spending a relaxing evening before we begin our first day visiting schools in the bush.

little joyceLittle Joyce expressing her excitement about a 10 hour car trip — she actually did very well.