Happy Fourth… and A Big “Thank You!”

Happy Fourth… and A Big “Thank You!”

Last year our family visited Washington D.C., and while there we took a day trip to Mount Vernon. When they asked for volunteers to pray at George Washington’s tomb, I couldn’t get my hand up fast enough. I had the privilege of offering a prayer written by the “Father of our Country” in front of his burial place. I even got my picture taken inside the tomb! (It’s not as creepy as it sounds; it’s a small building!) 

I’m not much into hero worship, but Washington would fall into that category for me. Not only did he pull off the most unlikely of victories against the Redcoats (sorry, Ellis and Rachel!), when those who had the power to do so urged him to become our first king, he adamantly refused. We also stood in the Maryland state house where Washington voluntarily resigned his commission and returned to private life, thus initiating a most remarkable peaceful transfer of power that continues to this day.

There are all kinds of things I don’t like about our country; all kinds of things that concern and bewilder me. And some things that anger me. But it is still a great land of freedom and opportunity. I pray that the very best instincts of our founding fathers will be renewed in the hearts of our very best young leaders that we might continue to be a God-blessed country that God uses to bless His world. Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

And now, the thank you. You were generous in June. We hit 131% of our budgeted income thus ending our year within $5000 of budgeted income and well into the black because of cost controls. More importantly, this represents the first year of income growth since 2007! I’m always a little nervous to say “Thank you” about giving, because then it falls like a rock! Please… don’t do that . Please, continue your faithfulness as we launch into our new year. But I just could not not say, “Thank you for all you do, large and small, to make our ministry possible.”

Pastor Mark

P.S.This Sunday we start our next membership class in the Fellowship Hall right after second service. Please, join me for this great adventure of discovering what it means to be part of the Chapel Hill family.  If you’d like to join the church through public baptism in the Harbor in August, please join us for the membership class this month!