Final Day of the Conference

Final Day of the Conference

Its been really encouraging hearing from so many of you. Yes my ankle improves everyday. In fact, the right one I sprained feels better than my left one I broke three years ago and have developed arthritis in it. Thank you for asking…

Sunday: Usually when the power goes out it comes back on sometime in the middle of the night if not by 9:00. In the first few hours there is usually enough water to wash dishes and flush toilets.Sunday morning we woke up still without power which also meant no water. We all got ready in the dark. Nancy was giving the children’s sermon at her church that morning and ironically it was about letting your light shine which she demonstrated with a flashlight, headlamp, and solar light.

Rebecca and I decided to wear our chitenges and everyone was excited to see us dressed like real Zambian women. There is a little trick to keeping the chitenge from falling off since it basically just wraps around you much like you do with a towel after showering. We arrived a bit early and walked into the church where a couple teachers were sitting and Kondwani was getting ready for the day. At this point Rebecca’s chitenge had started to fall a bit revealing a little stomach. Kondwani rushed over to Rebecca 

It is a given that one goes to church on Sunday. We had planned to have a service with the teachers before our training. Friday Kondwani asked if I would preach for the service. I declined saying that wasn’t my “gift” but did get talked into reading a scripture and saying something short about it. I was a bit nervous to speak but chose Philippians 4:28 – 39 and figured I couldn’t go wrong.  I spoke a bit about teaching being a calling and when we are faced with hardships and adversity God is with us and nothing can separate us from his love. It seemed to be well received.

Another teacher also gave a “talk” which was very sermon like and most inspirational. Of course there was wonderful singing and dancing which Rebecca and I really enjoyed. After the service we started our training for the day with a review of everything we had taught. Rebecca made up a “Jeopardy” type game as a way to review. The teams became very competitive quarreling over points and correct answers. It was all in fun and Rebecca pointed out that even though they were arguing they were discussing the content. I asked teachers to reflect on some questions that I hope to analyze and report back to the synod of CCAP. 

machelle_rebeccaWe ended with sharing one favorite part of the conference. At this point we had a “graduation” where each one received a certificate and almond roca (a “sweet from our village”).  





The teachers sang for us again before we all left. We said out goodbyes. We have become attached to these wonderful teachers.

machelle_teacherI managed to quiz Mabuchi about the the “Strengthening Children” groups before I left. She is overseeing a couple groups which are just getting started since Bob was there to do training in April. I take notes so I can report back to “Dr. Bob”.



Rebecca and I returned home to electricity and water! We were excited! We spent a restful afternoon and evening.