Back in Zambia

Back in Zambia

Dear Family and Friends:
Rebecca and I arrived here late Saturday – just in time to go to bed. We managed to sleep in until 9 so we were too late to attend church services. Instead we went to the craft market  and introduced Rebecca to several Zambian crafts and souvenirs. After a quick stop at Spar (the grocery store) we were back at Nancy’s house (our hostess) to spend a relaxing day. Monday and Tuesday (July 1 & 2) were Zambian holidays so the schools and many stores were closed.  The Comesa Market however was open. Local merchants sell a wide variety of goods in make-shift stalls at Comesa. On my way to the market I didn’t see a large hole in the sidewalk so I fell and sprained my ankle. I was grateful it didn’t break.
I hobbled to the stall where fabric was being sold so Rebecca could choose something for a traditional Zambian outfit.  Here she is with one of the helpful and friendly merchants.



crocTuesday we took the local pastor, his wife, and six children to the reptile farm. 

It was a new experience for their family.




machelle w_snakeThe docent let us touch the python — as you can see I was thrilled





croc pensThe older children peer into the croc pens

I meant to send this email last night but the power went out so I waited until today. Unfortunately the power is out again this afternoon so I will send this as soon as it comes back on.