Sharing Our Fun with the Community

Sharing Our Fun with the Community

Pastor Mark has rightly deemed Chapel Hill the “Sweetheart Church” because you care for one another and your pastors well. I want to add that we are a fun church! I would even say that one of our main cultural values as a congregation is playfulness. Allow me to make my case:
• The Shy Boys played a youth benefit concert last summer the weekend Larry and I were here to interview. I knew while dancing to the Eagles in the church parking lot that this was the kind of place I could call home.
• The previous owners of the house we purchased recognized me not as a pastor of Chapel Hill but as the singing camel of the Christmas play they had come to see. They gleefully announced to their kids, “Remember the camel with the bow on her head from Christmas? She’s buying our house!”
• Our second night in Gig Harbor, there was a photo booth set up in HeBrews and we took this photo. GoofyCohort

So you might say, we’re inviting the community to join in our playfulness as we celebrate our Jubilee this weekend at the Maritime Parade. Or you might say we’re taking playfulness to a new level. Either way, I hope you’ll join us this Saturday morning at the Gig Harbor Maritime Parade to see the debut of the Chapel Hillbillies Wheelbarrow Precision Marching Team.

If you’re playful and you know it, wear a Chapel Hill t-shirt to the parade with pride, and be ready to whoop and holler when you see us coming. Pastor Mark preached Sunday that the world will know we are believers in Jesus by the way we love one another. Our prayer is that our playfulness will communicate God’s love and creativity in the city of Gig Harbor.

See all y’all there!

Pastor Megan

P.S. The Chapel Hill-Billies will be near the end of the parade. We’ll be looking for all those Chapel Hill t-shirts in the crowds! Remember Pastor Mark’s advice to look at individuals in the crowd knowing, “Christ died for you.” May we witness Jesus well to our neighbors.