Is It Christian to Have Fun?

Is It Christian to Have Fun?

I played golf the other day with two strangers.  At the end of the round, the woman said, “I’m surprised to hear you are a pastor–(Uh oh)–you were too fun!” (Whew!)  That’s not a very strong affirmation of people in my profession, is it?  But my guess is, that might be a common perception of all Christians, not just the “professional” ones.  The stereotype, fanned by a very unsympathetic media, is that Christians are boring, grouchy, sticks-in-the-mud.  

But Jesus once said that he had come that we might have life and life abundant.  Christ-followers, of all people, ought to know how to live joyfully and be known for their joyful living.  This season of Jubilee provides several great opportunities for us to turn any stodgy stereotype on its head.  Will you please be a part of it?

– Our next Jubilee event is the parade in the Maritime Gig Festival on Saturday, June 1.  We have reserved 100 spots for Chapel Hillbillies to march, laugh, wave, hand out stuff and bless our community.  Of particular note will be the premier performance of the Chapel Hill Precision Wheelbarrow Percussion Team (working name, “The Holy Rollers.”)  Yes… it will be as fun as it sounds.  Our theme will be the love and care of our community.  If you are interested in marching with us, contact Kevin Williams.

– On Monday, August 19, we will celebrate Jubilee in the Park.  We have reserved Jerisich Park and will provide music, food, booths and fun for our community.  If you’d like to be part of that outreach, contact Barb Wentlandt.

– With your help we are hoping to plant a Jubilee Rose Garden and Jubilee Vegetable Garden and sharing the produce with local food banks. If you can contribute with materials, finances, and your green thumb to our Jubilee efforts, contact Jared Smidt.

We are going to have fun in this season of Jubilee, and believe me, the community will notice!

Pastor Mark

P.S..  So far, 222 of you have completed our All-Church Survey.  Please add your voice to that group; we want to hear from you.