How would you like to hear from Ray Charles’ daughter?

How would you like to hear from Ray Charles’ daughter?

Sheila Raye Charles rocked the house! Monday night, the daughter of the legendary singer Ray Charles, had them on the edge of their seats. She spoke and sang at the Purdy Prison as part of our Celebrate Recovery Team. She shared a story of terrible physical and sexual abuse, a twenty year addiction to crack cocaine, the loss of her five children, and of all but losing her life. Then Christ set her free. Through her powerful testimony she connected as few can with the women in that prison. She was, quite literally, singing their song. And when she lifted up the hope that is in Christ, they believed her! Fourteen women gave their life to Christ that night… including a Wiccan who renounced her witchcraft!

You know, that is the heartbeat of our mission! We really believe this Easter stuff. We really believe in Jubilee! We really believe that Jesus, who was dead, was resurrected. And that by that same life-giving, life-restoring power, He can resurrect whatever part of your life that is dead, hopeless and gone. That is what we proclaim at Celebrate Recovery. That is what we proclaim on Sunday morning. That is what we do at Chapel Hill.

SheilaRayeCharlesWell, great news: Sheila Raye has extended her stay with us. She will be sharing tonight, April 11, at Celebrate Recovery at 6:30pm in the Gathering Place. All are welcome. I hope you will come and be blessed by our sister in Christ. You might recognize her. both of her fathers are familiar to you!

I’ll see you in church Sunday. We are talking about how Christ can help us conquer fear!

Pastor Mark

P.S. Two things to remember: Our next Membership Class—a new format…feel like being a pioneer?—starts Sunday May 5, right after church. You can register here. Also, keep your eyes open for the all-church survey starting April 27. We want your opinion on how we are doing.