Chichi to Nebaj

Chichi to Nebaj

Sunday – Day 3
Chichi to Nebaj

Micah 6:8 He has shown you oh man what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.

April Guat 7This morning Gail led the devotions and we were challenged to think about what the Lord is requiring of us to live out Micah 6:8. The goal today was to look for ways right here and right now for this verse to play out in our lives.





April Guat 8After our time together we went to the fruit market… This market in Chichicastenango (Chi Chi)  is the largest one in Guatemala and fills up especially on Sundays… and the fruit market is just a part of the larger market… so literally thousands of people gather from all nations and differing languages to buy goods from this busy market. Things for sale of every type…. Tools and masks and brightly colored cloth, snacks and knives and even live chickens. It was wonderful to encounter.



April Guat 6One of the people we connected with was a local lady whom some of us nicknamed “mamma”….. she is a believer and truly endeared us to her. She was with our team yesterday and with us much of today. Of course she made it into our team pics  and gave us a sweet farewell as we prepped for the next leg of our journey.





April Guat 2After the market we fully loaded our trucks and drove 3 & ½ hours to Nebaj where we will be staying for nearly the rest of the trip. A beautiful & sometimes frightful drive as we go up steep mountains and down steep mountains, over and over and over again. We drove through these mountainous ridges that had trees with hanging moss like you’d see in the South of the United States.




April Guat 3Then we ended up in dry mountains that seemed like parts of Utah or Idaho where we stopped for an ice cream break.







April Guat 4The end of our drive took us up over those dry mountains into an area filled with lush green. This was where we found our new home for the next week, in Nebaj.







April Guat 5God has made a very beautiful and scenic wonderland in this country of Guatemala. 






It is our team member Lori’s birthday so we celebrated in style with a giant cake made locally and covered with all kinds of fruit. We ended our day by practicing our biblical skit that we will perform on Tuesday in front of the school in the village. All of us are so thankful to be here and have this opportunity. Thanks for your love & support.

Keep praying…..