Run for THEIR Lives!

Run for THEIR Lives!

Ten years ago, we had an idea. Actually, Shari Monson, our Director of Missions, and new member Laurie Dawson hatched an idea. Since we were supporting the mission of Dave and Karen Eubank to the displaced people groups of Burma… who were being persecuted and killed by their country’s own military. And since these people often had to run for their lives, leaving behind their homes and villages which were usually destroyed… why not sponsor a Run for Burma where we, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in that country, would join them in running? Not for our lives… but for their lives. To raise money and raise awareness and raise our heart rate in the process.

So, we did it. We launched the very first Run for Burma. And now, ten years later, the Run for Relief is an international event happening in over 20 countries around the world.

But, still—if I might be forgiven a wee bit of hubris—it started here. With our leaders. And our people. And our sweat. With 136 people of all ages running because we can for the sake of those who run because they have no choice. And it has grown. Last year over 300 folks ran and we raised $9300.  

On March 10, we will run again. And jog. And walk. And roll (wheelchairs and strollers). And limp.  Believe me, there will be all kinds of paces and races… including one for a Pastor who loves Burma, hates running, and will be out there anyhow, rain or shine.

Will you join me? Our sign-ups for this year’s Run stink so far, frankly. In part because we have stopped browbeating people with announcements on Sunday mornings (at your request), and in part because we Gig Harbor folks are such last-minute signer-uppers. But this is such a great cause, and the Eubanks are such great people… I do hope that we will rise to the occasion, once again. 

Will you join the Toones? You may sign up right here, right now. Please, don’t put it off. Please, bring your friends. And please, commit to being a part of this great effort, regardless of the weather. After all, the people of Burma don’t get to choose when they run… for their lives.

Pastor Mark