A Genderless Society?

A Genderless Society?

Nearly every university today offers a class on “gender studies” which tries to make the case that gender is a “social construct.”  In other words, any so-called differences that exist between the male and the female of our species, other than the obvious physiological ones, are a product of our culture.

We might shake our head in amazement at this idea, but some folks take it very seriously.  One couple was in the news recently because they hid the fact that their child was a boy for more than five years.  During that time they referred to him simply as “the infant.”  And the government of Nepal is now issuing citizenship certificates with a third gender label for those who do not wish to be identified as male or female.

Of course, the Bible has a very different view of this matter.  In the Genesis account of the creation story, we are told that God created man: “male and female he created them.”  In the face of an increasingly antagonistic culture, the Biblical worldview continues to declare that gender is at the heart of our identity as human beings.  Marriage is described as “one flesh” where the complementary but very different male and female come together to form a new union as a married couple.  Even MORE controversially, the scriptures also teach that the husband and wife have different and complementary roles in marriage.

So, are these archaic, sexist views?  Or it there something to be rediscovered about God-intended roles in a Christ-centered marriage of mutual submission.

This Sunday Cyndi and I will teach together on the fourth puzzle piece in marriage, “The Fit.”  For some this might be controversial but I hope that you will at least listen to what the Bible actually says before deciding what you are going to believe on this vital matter. 

At any rate, I promise you won’t be bored!  See you Sunday.

Pastor Mark