Couples Preaching on Couples

Couples Preaching on Couples

In this year of Jubilee—when we are talking about liberty, hope and our future as a church—no topic is more critical to our congregation and our culture than marriage. Marriage, the core institution of humanity, is in trouble and, as I mentioned to the students in last week’s sermon, we are listening to the wrong people when we turn to “The Bachelor” or the Kardashians for advice. Marriage is God’s great  idea. If we want our marriages to be life-giving rather than life-sucking, we need to hear God’s principles proclaimed through the lives of couples who are living by those principles and discovering the deep and real joy of covenant marriage. 

Over the next three weeks, we are going to do something different. Three of our pastoral couples will be preaching on marriage. This Sunday you will hear from Kevin and Sarah Williams, next week from Pastors Larry and Megan Hackman, and then Cyndi and I will conclude the series. Different voices at different stages in our married lives but all of us champions for marriage God’s way. Add to that our upcoming Couple’s Life which starts January 30, and you have some tools that could really help restore or strengthen the spirit of Jubilee in your own marriage.  

You’ve met and love our energetic Kevin Williams. Believe it or not, his wife Sarah is as lively and captivating as he! Together, they are going to rock the place! You won’t want to miss the second sermon in our series, Puzzling Marriage: Putting the Pieces Together. 

May the Lord’s blessing be upon every marriage in this church!

Pastor Mark