What did you get for Christmas? This question will likely be the conversation piece du jour for the next week or so. If you had asked me this question when I was younger my eyes might have sparkled, then I might have run up to my room or reached in my pocket and pulled out my brand new thingamabobber, whatever it was. But as I got older my wants became simpler, and my desire for things began to wane more and more. Now it is a bit of a chore to come up with suggestions for things that family and friends can give me.

Part of that is contentment with the things I have already. I’m a blessed man. But part of it too is a growing desire for the deeper things. Things no one can buy on or at Target. Maybe this Christmas, instead of the power drill or the new tie, you wanted some real peace. Maybe instead of that pearl necklace or XBox 360 you wanted real joy. Was that you this Christmas?

Part of the idea behind Advent is the sense of anticipation that comes with the season. As the Jews did in the 1st century, we wait with bated breath for a savior who will free us from our pain and bondage. As Pastor Mark preached through healing this advent, did you feel this anticipation, this longing?

The beauty of Advent is that this longing for something more does not have to end with the season. Nor do we need to wait for Christ’s coming again to experience the effects of His coming already. He is coming, and He has come, and the peace and the joy you may so long for is to be found in Him now. Will you continue with me to anticipate Christ and to find in Him the true answer to all our longings? May it be. 

Pastor Larry