At some point in our lives, all of us need to talk with someone who can help us sort out the puzzle pieces of life. We need to talk to someone we can trust. Our lay counselors are highly trained and committed to seeing an individual achieve their goals in counseling and truly live a life free in Christ. Counselors have worked through their own healing journey through Christ-centered and Chapel Hill-based training, working within our value and faith structures.

Our lay counselors help individuals with a variety of non-clinical concerns which may include grief and bereavement, fear, life wounds, loss of faith or identity, self-esteem, anxiety, marital concerns, parenting issues, sin struggles, anger or similar issues.

 To schedule a session, contact Shannon Hardin at 253.853.0229.  Download Lay Counseling Intake and Participant Consent forms.  

Marriage Lay Counseling Oct 2017 from Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.

  Individual Counseling

The Lay Counseling ministry provides a safe, confidential place for an individual to tell their story and work through various life issues. Lay counselors offer encouragement, support, Biblical insight, prayer and help connect the individual to resources available at Chapel Hill and the community. To schedule a session, contact Shannon Hardin at 253.853.0229.

  Marriage Counseling

Chapel Hill has created a program designed to stabilize the marriage relationship and strive to provide hope for couples longing for their marriage to be restored. Each married couple are paired with highly qualified marriage lay counselors, who create a safe place to work through struggles, foster an environment of trust and security and help couples master healthy communication.

  Pre-Marriage Mentoring

Marriage is a journey with many ebbs and flows. Before you decide to embark on this voyage with your beloved, take time to explore what makes a healthy marriage before you say “I do”. The Pre-Marriage Mentoring program begins with couples completing an assessment, which generates a comprehensive evaluation. Areas assessed include personality, spiritual beliefs, role expectations, money matters and other marital topics. Discussion of the evaluation is facilitated by skilled and experienced marriage mentor couples. The mentors guide the engaged couple through several sessions, with the hope of building a strong relationship foundation. Total cost is $35 for assessment and materials.

  Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lay Counseling? Lay counseling is made of up lay people, trained specifically to offer brief, non-clinical counseling services to Chapel Hill Church attendees and the surrounding community.

Are Lay Counselors licensed? No, lay counselors are not licensed. Lay counselors attend an eight month intensive training before they counsel and are required to attend ongoing trainings thereafter. If the case requires a licensed professional, we are happy to make a referral to a local therapist.

What materials do you use for training? Materials come from a variety of sources. The bulk of our training materials are from the American Association of Christian Counselors, “Caring for People God’s Way”. Other materials include webinar training or from other credible teaching sources from our local community.

What kinds of issues do lay counselors help with? Our counselors are equipped to handle a variety of non-clinical issues including grief and bereavement, fear, loss of faith or identity, self-esteem, anxiety, marital concerns, parenting issues, sin struggles and issues of the like.

Is my information confidential? We make it a top priority to keep all counseling records stored in a password protected storage vault.

How many visits are allowed? The counseling we provide is usually short term, up to a pre-set number of sessions, determined by specific need of the counselee. Typically, we offer 8-10 sessions for marriage counseling and up to 15 sessions for individual counseling.

Is there a fee for lay counseling? No. There is no cost for counseling services. There is a minimal fee for materials for couples in pre-marriage mentoring or marriage counseling. The fee is typically less than $50

Will you accept donations? We appreciate donations of any value. Your generous support allows us to continue to provide a much needed service in our community.

For more information, contact Shannon Hardin at 253.853.0229

  Lay Counselor Training

Lay Counselors are compassionate, caring, competent, and the heart and soul of Care Ministries at Chapel Hill. They walk alongside many individuals through the year, tending to spiritual, emotional and psychological needs.  

As a volunteer, in this type of ministry work, the counselor has acknowledged relatable spiritual gifts, a surrender to God’s will, a deep understanding of their own story, and a call to demonstrate God’s grace, comfort, and mercy. 

Training for lay counselors is a weekly commitment, for at least 9 months. Only 3 unexcused absences are allowed, and missed coursework must be made up. During the training phase, counselors will apply for the position of lay counselor, which includes an application, background screen, and interview with lay counseling supervisors. This course is only offered every other year, and designed to meet the needs for non-clinical, brief interventions.

 Upon successful completion of the screening, interviews and training, lay counselors participate in weekly supervision meetings, to discuss counseling cases, and gain valuable insights on becoming increasingly competent counselors, in addition to taking at least one counseling case per week. Total weekly time commitment is typically 3-5 hours.

Training topics include many modalities related to helping people, including Caring for People God’s Way (American Association of Christian Counselors), Attachment, Family Systems, Cognitive Behaviors, Addiction and Recovery, Counseling Skills and other educational tools to better understand mental health issues.

If you are interested in becoming Lay Counselor, register online.

  Pastoral Counseling

To schedule an appointment with one of the pastors, please contact the following:

  • For Pastors Mark, Larry, and Megan contact Kathy Berry at 253.853.0210
  • For Pastor Ellis, contact Carole Hughes at 253.853.0274