Our beliefs speak to who we are as a community on mission.

We have adopted the Evangelical Presbyterian Church's statement of belief. This includes a prologue about God’s Word and seven statements that outline an evangelical, reformed understanding about the Trinity, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the Church, Jesus' return, and Jesus’ mission for us. Read more here. 


Our mission statement speaks to why we are on mission.

We are working together to present everyone mature in Christ. (Colossians 1:28)


Our vision speaks to how we are going about being on that mission.

What this means is that we work as a community to grow more and more into people who look and act like Jesus. This process of becoming more like Jesus is what the Bible calls being a disciple of Jesus. A disciple is someone who knows who Jesus is and makes a decision to follow him. A disciple is one who is being changed by Jesus, transformed by the Holy Spirit. And a disciple is someone who is committed to the mission of Jesus. We are a community of people who are disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.


Our values speak to the characteristics of Jesus we hope to exemplify on mission.

We go out as a people of ACTION, with EXCELLENCE and INTEGRITY; we are a people of COURAGE; and we engage with the world UNPRETENTIOUSLY. For more on the formation of these values, read here


We have been about proclaiming the name of Jesus in Gig Harbor and the greater Key Peninsula since as a community of people called Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church since November 19, 1963. We were so named because we were geographically the new chapel at the top of Rosedale’s hill. The faces of our pastors and the footprint of our buildings have changed, but our love for sharing Jesus in our community has remained a steady commitment of the members of Chapel Hill from the beginning.


Ordained offices: Elders (including Pastors), Deacons. We are also supported by Staff and Members. Learn more about deacons and elders, or recommend someone as a deacon or elder here.  View staff directory and listing of Elders and Deacons.