Love your neighbor as yourself. Show mercy to the vulnerable.
(Reflections from the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37)

Every year we put up Christmas trees in the church narthex (lobby), HeBrews Coffee Shop, and Kids Worship area as a tangible reminder of how we want to love our neighbors. We can care for unsheltered neighbors by bringing the following new and unused items to any of the Generosity Trees, or purchase from our Amazon wish list below to deliver directly to the church.

  • deodorant
  • lip balm (like Chapstick)
  • large packages of wipes
  • hand warmers
  • warm socks for adults
  • small hand lotions
  • small hand sanitizers
  • feminine pads
  • tampons
  • bottled waters
  • pudding cups
  • soft snack bars
  • cheese or peanut butter sandwich crackers
  • fruit leathers

Kit Builds & Workshop December 17

You’re invited to one of two Compassion Kit Builds Sunday, December 17, at 10:00 am, or Sunday, December 17, at 11:45 am in the Gathering Place following either the 9:00 or 10:30 am worship service. The Tacoma Rescue Mission Search and Rescue ministry will hand-deliver hygiene and snack kits that you and your family will assemble that morning. TRM seeks out those who are vulnerable and need to experience the love of Christ. To dive deeper in understanding homelessness, Tacoma Rescue Mission will offer a Loving Our Neighbors Workshop at 10:30 am during the second service.

We invite you to help make the Compassion Kit Builds welcoming for all ages by volunteering to host and here’s a compiled list of other ways to serve in local outreach during the Advent Season.


We invite you into a season of loving your neighbors near and far through prayer for our local and global outreach partners. You can learn a little about each partner’s people, projects, and prayer requests below. Have some conversation around the table about the ways Jesus cares for us and our neighbors. How different or the same do you think the communities below are from your own? How does knowing about this ministry inspire you to share Jesus and love your own neighbors? Add your own prayers to the ones below. In celebration of Advent, pick one local and global partner to pray for each week.


Tacoma Rescue Mission
Tacoma Rescue Mission shares more than a meal, a warm bed, and safe shelter for those experiencing homelessness. They also share our hope in Christ! Pray for holistic, life change in the New Life Recovery program. Pray for stable families and for safety on the streets for those visited by the Search and Rescue team. May all guests know that God is with them. Love our neighbors without homes by volunteering or baking cookies and writing notes.

Cambodian Hope Organization
For villagers vulnerable to human trafficking across the Thai border, the Cambodian Hope Organization offers a quality Christian education for their kids and practical tools to provide for their families. Pray for protection from hunger, disease, and despair. Pray for Cambodian pastors to keep the light of faith burning brightly.

FISH Food Bank
FISH Food Bank provides groceries and household items to individuals and families in need in the greater Gig Harbor area. They offer caring connections and services to help them overcome poverty. Pray that God will sustain all of us with our daily bread and be nourished by a supportive community. Find ways to offer your hands and feet by volunteering at FISH or you can donate food offerings to the table beside Door E Sundays at Chapel Hill.

Thai Christian Foundation
Thai Christian Foundation brings compassion and the word of God to prisoners in Bangkok and through a health clinic at the Burma border. Pray that many experience new life in Christ, and that these many new believers would learn to walk with him all their lives.

World Relief Haiti
World Relief empowers local churches who are going out to bless their own communities. They demonstrate the good news by bringing hope and healing for marriages, finances, health, and a future beyond poverty and violence for their young people. Pray that God will protect, unify, and multiply our Haitian church family.

World Relief Western Washington
When families fleeing global unrest arrive in our region, World Relief embraces them with Christian community. Employment, medical, and legal services provide tools to make a life here. Pray over the trauma of leaving a hostile homeland–that they may heal, thrive, and adjust to the language and culture. Learn how you can lift your voice in support or volunteer at the Welcome RV in Tacoma.

Coffee Oasis
Coffee Oasis connects local young people who have nowhere to call home with a safe place to feel welcome. A personal caseworker helps set them up for success in education, counseling, job skills training and more. Pray for young people feeling isolated and stuck to find belonging, hope, and the power to thrive in the Coffee Oasis family. Commit to loving youth by volunteering with programs or donating items to Tacoma youth shelter and drop-in center.

Aqua Viva Ministries
Agua Viva trains up Mexican pastors and trains visiting campers like us to share Jesus in word and deed. Pray for God to give them grace to meet people right where they are…whether at rehab centers, neighborhood outreach, or among indigenous migrant workers. Pray for spirit led interactions for our student team going to Agua Viva in February 2024. Or consider going to Embrace Family Camp in Summer 2024.

Northwest Furniture Bank
Northwest Furniture Bank supports families in the South Sound working to rebuild their lives, often coming out of homelessness, foster care, or domestic violence. Pray that families experience dignity, stability, and restoration as they get a good night’s sleep and gather at their own table. Find ways to be part of bringing stability and a fresh start for families by building furniture or volunteering in the warehouse.