Recent comments from LifeGroup members:

"I would recommend finding a LifeGroup to anyone"

"I love having the option of doing a LifeGroup on Zoom and seeing everyone’s faces! Our group has been a joy to me in that we are all sharing our faith, our lives, and our prayer requests with one another. This particular study has been wonderful as we dig into the Word and learn more about God and the intimacy he desires in relationship to us! "

"It is feeding my soul to once again have face to face community and bonding with others. I really needed it and praise God for the opportunity to have some through this group"

"My group has had tremendous affect on my Christian journey and maturity. Each person is very dear to me!"

 We know so many people who love their LifeGroup, and we hope you will too! Our goal for LifeGroups is that every member experiences spiritual growth in community. As Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28: 19, our goal is to make disciples who make disciples.

We model ourselves after Jesus' ministry, and as such every LifeGroup has an intentional leader,  a small group of people who meet regularly to study the Bible, do life together and pray together, and a plan for spiritual growth.  

We want to invite you to join a LifeGroup, and experience intentional discipleship in community with others. Use the link below to browse groups currently looking for new members. This list is updated regularly. 



  Contact Rachel White with any questions.

Interested in leading a group, or looking for resources for group leaders? The weekly LifeGroup leader email contains up to date information and resources, including leader training available in an online format. Contact Rachel White with any questions or to sign up for the email.

Sermon-based LifeGroup Questions

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