• In the Apple or Google Play store, install the”Listen Everywhere” app by pressing the “Get” button.
  • Open the app. Once it’s installed, it will prompt you to find devices on your local network. You must do this for the app to work.
  • For the next steps, you MUST be on the church’s WiFi network ChapelHill-Guest. If you are not already on our WiFi, go to your Settings. Select WiFi networks, and select ChapelHill-Guest. If you are not at Chapel Hill, you will need to wait for these steps until you are on campus.
  • There will be a countdown while your device searches, but on iPhone, you will manually connect to the network. After the countdown you will get to a screen that has a box at the bottom that says “IP address.” In that box, type “”. Tap “done”.
  • The app will now connect and start playing a video ad. You can skip it after 3 seconds by pressing “Skip Ad.”
  • A screen comes up where “Audio LGTD” is listed. Click on the play button, and now it will be playing directly through your headphones or hearing aids!
  • IPHONE ONLY: If you followed the steps above and still cannot connect, type in the IP address again (type “”) and tap “return” instead of “done”.
  • (Please note there will be a slight delay between our live speakers and the audio.)