Author: Betsy Hunt

Beyond These Walls in Haiti

Today we definitely felt like we were praising God Beyond Walls! After a bumpy (that’s putting it mildly) ride from Thiotte to Pichon and then up to the “Cascades,” we encountered one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen! It was a series of water cascading from very high up and then down […]

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Fight Night

I remember years ago when Jenny and I were having a “tiff;” at least I considered it more of a “tiff” than a “fight.” I don’t even remember the issue, but I do remember her saying to me several times throughout the conversation, “You’re not listening to me.” And most likely I wasn’t! At the […]

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We take you with us!

Today we depart for India to work with one of our Church Projects; Catalyst (  During our time we will partner with them to support their work in pursuing long term sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty for the most at risk girls living in the slums. We will work at their residence house supporting the […]

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