Sermon Resources Archive


Sermon Resources Archive

Many of the resources that we create for our sermon series remain useful long after the sermon series is over. This page will archive those resources for posterity's sake. Older series are lower and more recent are higher on the page.

Reel Christmas

Movie Guides


Christmas Carol

Miracle on 34th Street

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Your welcome

Your Welcome Devotional

Reckless Love

Reckless Love Devotional

Fearless Q: Dare to Ask

In the summer of 2016, we kicked off a sermon series called Fearless Q: Dare To Ask. We addressed ten of the most popular questions posed to us by the members of this congregation. We approached these questions with great humility. Christians have been struggling with these for 2000 years; to think that we will suddenly discover all of the answers would be the height of arrogance. The pastors shared their best understanding of how scripture addresses these matters with the very clear awareness that we might not have it all right. So let us ask, and learn, with humility! 


Write Back 'Atcha blog posts (questions and responses to sermons)

LifeGroup Leader Resource email signup (to receive the Leader Guide before the sermon)

LifeGroup Leader Guide Week 1 (predestination)

LifeGroup Leader Guide Week 2 (sexism)

LifeGroup Leader Guide Week 3 (society)

LifeGroup Leader Guide Week 4 (gender & sexuality)

LifeGroup Leader Guide Week 5 (healing & miracles)

LifeGroup Leader Guide Week 6 (suffering & evil)

LifeGroup Leader Guide Week 7 (infant baptism)

LifeGroup Leader Guide Week 8 (exclusivity of Jesus)

LifeGroup Leader Guide Week 9 (church)

LifeGroup Leader Guide Week 10 (Trinity)

The Story

From September of 2015 through June of 2016, Chapel Hill read the Bible from The Story.  Below are links to various resources that will assist with your studies. 


Bookmark (with daily reading schedule)

Weekly Reading Guide with Scripture References

LifeGroup Leader Guide (winter/spring 2016)

LifeGroup Participant Guide (winter/spring 2016)

LifeGroup  Leader Guide (fall 2015)

LifeGroup Participant Guide (fall 2015)

Family Guide, chapters 1-12

Story for Women Table of Contents 

Story for Women Contents

Becoming a Bible Storyteller 

Books (with links to Amazon):

A Year of Prayer