Romans Sermon Series


Romans Sermon Series

Romans Sermon Series
September 2017-May 2018

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Romans Sermons

About Romans

Romans is a powerful letter from the New Testament! It is foundational to our understanding of who God is and how he calls us to live together in his grace right now.

 Romans is considered the apostle Paul’s most significant letter. It shaped the early church leaders. It awakened Martin Luther to the foundational truth that Jesus saves us by grace alone and sparked the Protestant Reformation. 

Five hundred years after the Reformation, Paul’s letter continues to teach us that although sin separated us from Christ, faith in Jesus and his forgiveness puts us back in right relationship with God. Not only does Romans reveal how the Gospel works, it also shows you how to live in the light of the Gospel. This letter is part of the Good News that changed the world, and is also Good News for our troubled times.

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