Officer Recommendation


Officer Recommendation

Elders and deacons are prayerfully recommended by members of the congregation for consideration by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee is composed of laypersons, deacons, elders, and a pastor. Individuals can also be recommended to be on the committee. 

The office of elder and deacon are callings (sometimes called ordination). In other words, we believe that a person doesn't necessarily pursue these positions, they are called to the position by God and by their community, and they respond to that call. That is why your prayerful consideration of who God is calling to be an elder or deacon is very important to this process. 

Please note that recommendations are not the same as nominations. By filling out this form, you are only providing a person for consideration, not making a nomination. Nominations are provided by the committee, or come from members during the congregational vote. 

Who can be an Elder?

Elders: Elders are ordained officers that watch over the spiritual welfare of the congregation and share in the governing of the Church. Elders should be spiritually mature, wise in the Word, discreet in all things and should exhibit an exemplary lifestyle.

  • There are 12 Elders at CHPC and every year we elect 4 new Elders.
  • Elders must have common sense, the ability to organize and lead others, and make tough decisions. Each Elder must be an official member of CHPC.
  • Elders must be prepared to teach the Word, pray, and administer the sacraments.

For more on the requirements and commitments of an elder, read this document here.

Who can be a Deacon?

Deacons: Deacons are ordained officers whose primary responsibilities include compassion and serving the needs of others. Deacons should be spiritually mature followers of Christ, steady, reliable and well thought of by all.

  • There are 21 Deacons at Chapel Hill and each year we elect 7 new Deacons.
  • Deacons are leaders of the church and must be able to act decisively and organize and lead others. Each Deacon must be an official member of CHPC. 
  • Deacons must be prepared to serve the poor and the sick, and comfort the mourning.

For more on the requirements and commitments of a deacon, read this document here.


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