Ways to Engage


Ways to Engage

No need to travel across the world to engage in what the Lord is doing! There are many ongoing opportunities to bring hope, peace, justice in our local community. The following lists are not meant to be exhaustive, but simply meant to give you an idea of ways you can plug in, whether on your own, with your family, or with your Lifegroup.

  ONGOING ways to engage

Card Makers

                    • This group meets monthly and many of the card makers work on cards at home, providing cards for Chapel Hill staff and Deacons who send cards to those who are sick or hospitalized, the Children’s Ministry, Giggle Harbor, and the Youth Ministry Soar
                    • Contact Robyn Luckenbill at 253.905.3152

Comfort Quilters

                      • Love to sew? Join Comfort Quilters! This group makes quilts and other sewing projects for groups from as near as the WCCW Baby Unit to the other side of the world.
                      • Contact Sally Heilinger at 253.857.5553

Dental Van

Prison Ministry

                        • The Washington Correctional Center for Women (WCCW) is right in our backyard. There are many ways to be a good neighbor to the women at WCCW, whether it’s mentoring a woman preparing for release (contact Buck Frymier at 253.851.5575), writing or visiting a woman serving a sentence at WCCW (contact Laurie Dawson at 360.908.2812), or helping inmates leave prison dressed for success through the prison clothing closet (contact Anne Delaney at 253.884.6469).

 Refugee Resettlement

                                                                    • Help our church partner World Relief as they welcome refugees to our area by becoming a Cultural Companion, donating household items for Refugee Good Neighbor Kits, or help set up a refugee apartment. Other opportunities can involve employment and temporarily housing refugees after arrival.  Click HERE to read more about how to connect at the local level.
                                                                    • Contact Betsy Hunt at 253.853.0225

Tacoma Street Ministries

                                                                    • Join a bigger group serving the homeless every third Friday night.
                                                                    • Contact Linda Brewer at 253.857.7566

Young Life

                                                                    • Want to share God's love with local students in middle school, high school, and college? There are numerous opportunities to engage with Young Life!
                                                                    • Contact Tracy Haugen at 253.226.5854

  As a lifegroup

Sharing life experiences together fosters community and growth. Below are just a few ways your LifeGroup can serve together:

Festival of Hope

                    • Come and serve as a Life Group at Festival of Hope! Have fun together cashiering, hosting a table for the Saturday Morning Women’s Breakfast, or greet people as they come to shop! There are many ways to get involved!  Sign up now.

Prepare Meals for YoungLives

                                                • YoungLives meets at Chapel Hill each month. This ministry seeks to meet teen moms where they are, and share God’s love with this often overlooked and under loved group. Each YoungLives group begins with a shared meal. For some of these teen parents, this meal is the only family style dinner they have each month.
                                                • Conact Joanna Parks at 918.809.7603 for more information on how your LifeGroup can work together to provide a meal.

Serve Meals at The Rescue Mission

                                                • The Tacoma Rescue Mission offers God’s help, hope, and healing to the most impoverished members in our communities. Join The Rescue Mission and share this message by serving a meal with your LifeGroup.
                                                • Contact Larry Geringer at 253.720.5785 for more information, or sign up on The Rescue Mission's website

Build Welcome Kits for Refugee Families

Provide Yard Work for Congregation Members in Need

                                                • Oftentimes, a congregation member may be ill, elderly, or simply unable to care for their property/home like they use to. This is a great way for your LifeGroup to have fellowship together while serving a brother or sister in Christ!
                                                • For more information, contact the Deacon's office at 253.851.7779 

  Missionary Care Team

                                                • Join a group of people who seek to send the message, “We are with you!” to our missionaries sent from Chapel Hill. This group seeks to love and care for missionaries from our church through birthday cards, email check-ins, prayer, and visits.
                                                • Contact Julie Hawkins at 253.853.0290