Mission Events


Mission Events

We are all made in God's image and find joy when we reach out beyond ourselves. Throughout the year, Chapel Hill has opportunities to give generously, to serve the most vulnerable, and to witness how God is at work restoring all the earth. These range from fair-trade festivals to world class speakers and sharing our own stories. All of these events are opportunities to serve and to invite a friend! 


first sunday of the month

We always accept clean, new or gently used shoes and clothes and non-perishable food on the first Sunday of every month (with rare exceptions). You may leave your donations by your car in the parking lot, or bring them into the lobby where volunteers will receive them.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not collect household items, small appliances, dishes, holiday decorations, school supplies, or electronics. The exception to this is the occasional special request. 

If you have questions or want to donate an unusual item, please email Bev Levenson or call 253.851.5969.


NOVEMBER 14-17, 2019

A true fair trade marketplace, where all the items sold are crafted by people in safe, healthy, and ethical working conditions, whether in the USA, Haiti, Thailand, or beyond. You’ll find handmade jewelry, trendy handbags, organic coffee and chocolate, children’s items, seasonal scarves/gloves/hats, vibrant decor, and more. And the best part: profits return to support workers, farmers, and families around the world. Give gifts with a purpose this holiday season!


June 9, 2019

This is a springtime celebration telling stories of hope and transformation from our own members who have gone on cross-cultural trips this year. Jesus knew that most of us already cry out to God when we are moved by our need, so he taught us to pray for the Kingdom to come.  From beginning to end, all the scriptures point to heaven as a place crowded with people from every tribe, nation and language. A place where hunger and tears are no more! We get a taste of heaven when we join our global church family in relationship and works of compassion. We get a vision of the God who is restoring all of us by grace.