Deacons Board


Deacons Board

Our deacons work together to lead Chapel Hill in serving the needs of the congregation and the local community through compassion, care, and hospitality. They achieve this mission through five teams. Explore the tabs to learn more!

Deacon Ministry Teams


The Welcome team oversees all of our first-impressions work that takes place at our Sunday morning services. They help coordinate and supervise the ushers, greeters, parking-lot greeters, welcome center, connect center, and newcomer’s coffee.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach team reaches people in the community through both financial assistance and three different practical events during the year. The Titus office at Chapel Hill is open Monday through Thursday, and is staffed by volunteers who help distribute around $80,000 per year to people in need; the Community Outreach team oversees our Titus volunteers. The Community Outreach team also organizes and participates in School Backpacks for Kids in the summer, the Giving Tree during the Holidays, and the Gig Harbor Maritime Parade in June.

Soul Food

The Soul Food team provides coffee and cookie receptions for those hosting Memorial services at Chapel Hill and organizes and coordinates the serving of Communion during our worship services. This team organizes volunteers to bake cookies  as well as to set up, host, and tear down Memorial receptions. They further organize Elders and Deacons to serve Communion during worship services and sets up and clean up the elements (bread and juice).


The Visitation team coordinates and oversees the visiting of those in the hospital, those who are home-bound, and those who need meals brought to their house for a short period of time. All three of these areas have established volunteer teams in them, and our Deacons help coordinate those teams so that those who are sick, home-bound, or in need of a meal can receive the care they need.


The Shepherding team is responsible for helping to draw back into the life of our congregation those members who haven’t been regularly attending worship services. Through making phone calls to those members who haven’t attended in over a month, our team has the privilege of hearing what has been going on in people’s lives and encouraging them by ensuring that they are noticed and loved. Further, over time, this team will take over the responsibility of making sure all our prayer requests on our blue cards are prayed for.

 Current Deacons

Profile image of Nancy Nelson

Nancy Nelson


Profile image of Eileen Barnes

Eileen Barnes

Clerk of Deacons

Profile image of Karen Rushforth

Karen Rushforth

Communion & Memorials (Chair)

Profile image of Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

Communion & Memorials

Profile image of Karen Adams

Karen Adams

Communion & Memorials

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Phil Hayden

Community Engagement (Chair)

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Rob Taylor

Community Engagement

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Nancy Gibson

Shepherding (Chair)

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Brent Tayet


Profile image of Cara Taylor

Cara Taylor


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Heather Neil


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Janice Hendrick

Titus (Chair)

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Dave Hunt


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Lowell Klaver

Visitation (Chair)

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Carolyn Cleair


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Carolyn Shain


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Monty Sisson


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Susie Seaton


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Cathy Lee

Widow Ministry; Communion & Memorials