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Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-based recovery program for any adult struggling with hurt, pain, addictions or habits. Participants meet weekly in a healing community to find freedom from issues that are controlling their life, robbing them of the joy only Christ can give. The proof of its effectiveness can’t be denied. The many life stories of change have led Celebrate Recovery to operate in over 35,000 locations around the world, and that number continues to grow.

At Chapel Hill, we are excited to be part of a movement that is bringing the healing power of Jesus Christ to the hurting and broken through working Celebrate Recovery’s Step Studies, The Journey Begins, and The Journey Continues. In addition, Celebrate Recovery is not just growing in churches, but in recovery houses, rescue missions, universities, and prisons around the world. In fact, Celebrate Recovery Narrows at Chapel Hill, has helped launch program at WCCW as well as other local area churches. In 2017, we hosted the entire Celebrate National Team at Chapel Hill, and facilitated a training to 1000 Celebrate Recovery Leaders in the State of Washington. This was one of the largest Celebrate Recovery trainings in the PNW at that time.

Our Wednesday night program begins with worship in a large group setting and participants will hear messages of hope from a Celebrate Recovery lesson or a testimony from individual who has worked the steps and principles of recovery. We continue the evening in open share groups where individuals can dig into their struggles in a safe, caring community of others who are dealing with similar situations.

Beyond Wednesday nights, participants can join a Step-Study, which is a deeper dive into recovery, taking about a year to complete. This group creates a profound level of deep, healing community and a renewed sense of purpose.

Come be part of this FOREVER FAMILY and experience love, hope and a life change!


6:30-7:30 pm Large Group Time (Celebrate Recovery Lessons, Live Testimonies and Worship)

7:30– 8:30 pm Small Open Share Groups (Issue Specific Groups)

***Due to COVID-19, attendees will need to check-in on arrival to Chapel Hill. We will ask for everyone to sanitize their hands, sign-in and wear either a mask or face shield. ***

Men's Open Share Groups

  • Compulsive Behaviors Group: Men dealing with any compulsive behavior (overuse of drugs or alcohol, opioid addictions, gambling, food, etc.).
  • Men’s Sexual Integrity: Men battling sexual addiction issues (may include lust, pornography, and affairs).
  • Men’s Mixed Issue: Men working on codependency, anger, lack of boundaries, compulsive behaviors, relationship struggles or pride issues etc. that keep them from enjoying life to the full.
  • Men’s Mixed Issue (ON ZOOM): During COVID-19, those not able to attend onsite will have access to an open share experience virtually. This group is open for men who are struggling with ANY issue. PLEASE REGISTER for this group by calling 253-853-0291.

Women's Open Share Groups

  • Women Breaking Free: Women who want to learn to identify and work on compulsive behaviors (overuse of drugs or alcohol, opioid addictions, gambling, food, etc.).
  • Women Finding Freedom in the Battle: Women who are in a relationship with a man who has struggles with forms of sexual integrity (may include lust, pornography, affairs, etc.).
  • Women Life Wounds Group: Many of us have wounds from relationships, past or present, that create problems we deal with in life (codependency, lack of boundaries, compulsive behavior, and inability to succeed in relationships). This group helps restore what we missed out on.
  • Women Mixed Issue Group (ON ZOOM): During COVID-19, those not able to attend onsite will have access to an open share experience virtually. This group is open for women who are struggling with ANY issue. PLEASE REGISTER for this group by calling 253-853-0291.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

No. Many on this journey into recovery may not know God, have questions about faith or may be very angry based on life circumstances. No matter where a person is on their faith journey, we are not here to judge. We invite you to Come As You Are!

Do I have to be a member at Chapel Hill to attend?

No. All are welcome to join us. Our Celebrate Recovery program has many in attendance from various backgrounds and religious affiliations.

Is there a charge for the program?

No. There is no charge for any of Celebrate Recovery's programs. There are many resources that may be purchased but we sell those items at our cost. We also take a weekly offering for those who can afford to give which goes towards general operating costs. There is no requirement to give, however.

Do you have childcare?

We are offering children's programs on Wednesday nights for ages 3 months to 8th grade.  Children up to Pre-K are dropped off in 207A, Kindergarten through 5th grade will go to room 230 and kids 6th-8th grade are signed in at the Diner on the first floor.  Drop off is at 6:30 pm and children are to be picked up promptly at 8:30 pm.  During COVID, we ask that kids wear masks if they are ages 5 and older.  For questions about this, please contact us at 253-853-0291. 

Is there dinner or food service?

COVID-19 pandemic has required us to suspend dinner and coffee service at this time. When we can, a donation-based dinner option will resume at a day/time to be determined. The dinners are typically ready to serve by 5:45 pm on Wednesday nights, prior to Celebrate Recovery Large Group. The donation request is $5, but any monies given help us cover the costs of food.


For more information on Celebrate Recovery, visit the Celebrate Recovery national website here. 

Go here for Celebrate Recovery training opportunities.

Materials listed below, if not found on Amazon, may be found here.

Celebrate Recovery Bible

Celebrate Recovery Leaders Guide

Celebrate Recovery Step Study Guides including The Journey Begins and The Journey Continues

Life’s Healing Choices (a soft start to Celebrate Recovery)

  the landing (teens)

The Landing is being paused for now; please contact Care Ministries at 253.853.0291 to get help for any teen in crisis.

Celebrate Recovery Inside

Celebrate Recovery Inside is a Christ-centered 12-step recovery program. The inmates who attend CR Inside spend time together worshiping, healing, and learning about God's plan for their lives. They learn how to apply the 12 steps in all areas of life, not only drug and alcohol addictions. Once they finish the steps in prison they can learn valuable leadership skills. They can share their testimony and help facilitate groups. When they are released into society they can continue their recovery journey by attending Celebrate Recovery in their local area, which helps them stay connected with their recovery and helps reduce recidivism.

CR Inside meets every Monday afternoon (1:00-3:00 pm) in the Prison Chapel. They also meet the first Wednesday evening of the month in the Visiting Room. With hope to expand this to a weekly schedule, there is a need for volunteers to help lead worship, share their testimonies and facilitate groups. A group of volunteers has been taking Celebrate Recovery Inside to Purdy Prison since February 2007.