Sermon series: January 7/8 - February 25/26, 2017

verb: intercede; 3rd person present: intercedes; past tense: interceded; past participle: interceded; gerund or present participle: interceding
to plead with somebody in authority on behalf of someone else

Since September 2016, Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church has been on a journey of prayer. Together we studied the masterpiece known as The Lord’s Prayer. Then during the Advent leading up to Christmas, we looked at Psalms, prayers that were offered in times of darkness. Then came the burst of light we know as Christmas, and we eavesdropped on the prayers of Mary, Simeon and Joseph.

After four months, we have certainly learned a lot about prayer. Now, it’s time for us as a church body to focus more intently on prayer together. In short, it’s time to really pray, in a concerted plea to the Lord for things that matter deeply to us and we know matter deeply to the Lord. It’s time to “in·ter·cede”.

Over the course of these weeks, we’ll pray specifically for our nation, our city, marriages, families, unbelievers, missionaries, and even for our enemies! Each sermon will be a biblical call to pray in a specific area and then—imagine this—we are going to PRAY for that thing.

Each week we will provide helps to guide us in prayer and we’ll add them here. For instance, the week we pray for our city, we will actually gather downtown for a prayer walk through our city, asking God’s blessing upon the homes and businesses of Gig Harbor. We will also solicit prayer requests from our political leaders... and during Inauguration Week, pray for them!

This series will be a very practical and specific call to prayer and if it works as we imagine, hundreds of us each day will be lifting the same matters before the Lord. We hope and believe that it will capture His heart!

Weekly Intercession Helps

Week 1: Our Church
January 7/8
• Text a friend who goes to another church. Who will you text?
• Ask them, how can I pray for your church this week? Record their needs here:
• Grab a sticker and put it on your steering wheel. This week with every church you pass, ask God to unify His Church.

Week 2: Our Nation
January 14/15
Prayer Guide for Our Nation

Week 3: Our City
January 21/22
Prayer Guide for Our City

Week 4: Marriage
January 28/29
Prayer Guide for Marriage

Week 5: Children
February 4/5
Prayer Guide for Children

Week 6: Unbelievers
February 11/12
Prayer Guide for Unbelievers

Week 7: Our Missionaries
February 18/19
Prayer Guide for Missionaries

Week 8: Our Enemies
February 25/26
Prayer Guide for Enemies

More Helps

Find more resources for our Year of Prayer HERE