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Update from Craig Baldwin

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We had 11 of us take off from Seatac about noon on Tuesday. The flight to Seoul Korea went well, about 11hr 30 minutes but we were late getting in. Had about 30 minutes to go through the flight transfer and another security check, then race through the airport to our gate. We were late for our...

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Scenes of Cambodia's Troubled Past

Posted by Pastor Larry Hackman on

One of my favorite things about Cambodia so far is the blur of life passing by our windows as we move from place to place in our bus. We stare out the glass, entranced at the alien scenes that flash before us. Chickens scratch through a trash pile. A little boy steps gingerly in his sandals into...

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Cambodia Departure

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Chapel Hill parking lot send-off, and a group photo at the airport. Our team is ready to go - please keep them in your thoughts and prayers for their safe arrival.    

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Cambodia 2015 Leaves Next Week

Posted by Julie Hawkins on

Pray as the team prepares to leave.

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Back from Thailand!

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We have been back from Thailand and Burma for a little over a week. Re-entry is always an interesting phenomenon – jet lag, unpacking, laundry, and the realization that my normal life did not go on hold while I was away. And then there’s always the realization that I am not the same...

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