LifeGroups FAQ


LifeGroups FAQ

Our mission at Chapel Hill is "working together to present everyone mature in Christ." We believe we are called to work together to help one another become more and more like Jesus. As we have explored how to pursue this mission, we’ve learned that maturity means disciple-making.

The reality is that this is not an individual journey; we must do this together as a team. This cannot be achieved through Sunday morning alone, and LifeGroups are where we best experience what it means to "work together" as we seek to help each other become more like Jesus.

LifeGroups meet together on a regular basis. They are centered around reflecting upon the Bible with a desire to work together to help each other mature in our faith. Our aim is that all LifeGroups are led by trained leaders who are held accountable to this vision and are in turn being invested in by a coach and the coach, in turn, by a pastor.

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are so many group choices. How do I go about deciding on one?
- We are happy to help you connect with a LifeGroup! Take a few minutes and scroll through the existing LifeGroups HERE. See if one stands out based on when you can meet, the neighborhood you would prefer to meet in, or a name you might recognize. Contact the leader using the email/phone provided. If you still need guidance, please provide us with some information about yourself, and we will be in contact with you in the next business day or two to help you get connected! 
If I haven’t heard back from the group I contacted, what should I do?
- Please contact Pastor Megan Hackman directly. We’ll make sure you get connected. 
Can I visit a few groups before deciding on one?
- Of course! Relationships are just that… relational. So take time to relate to a group or two. We suggest asking to meet one-on-one with the leader to get a sense for the group and the leader first. Then try out the group!
Can I be a regular group member of more than one group at a time?
- Of course! We find, though, that most people’s schedules allow time for just one LifeGroup. Our hope is that you would invest deeply in one group and also have space in your life to be relational with those God brings along your path at work, the gym, school, the sidewalk, your neighborhood… and usually that means people invest in one LifeGroup at a time.
How can I start my own group?
- Thank you for wanting to form a disciple-making group at CHPC! We want to help you do that. Coming to the next Multiply seminar is a great place to start. Register by emailing Tina Picard. In the meantime contact Pastor Megan Hackman. We would love to talk with you!

Not sure which group will work for you? Complete the LifeGroup Join Form and we will get in touch with you and help you get connected.

  LifeGoup Join Form

LifeGroup Join Form