LifeGroup Leader Resources


LifeGroup Leader Resources

Thank you for serving as an intentional leader of a LifeGroup. Here are some resources for you.


  • LifeGroup Leader Training Class on Saturday, March 18 from 9 - 11:30am.  Registration is required - email Carole Hughes.
  • The Multiply Seminar is being offered on Saturday, April 8, 2017 from 8:45am to  4:30pm. Registration is required - email Carole Hughes.  Childcare is available with reservations made no later than April 3.  Please email Kim Hagey or call 253-853-0219.
  • Sign up for the LifeGroup leader resource email sent out from the lead coaches and pastors regularly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CHPC looking for in a LifeGroup leader?
- LifeGroup leaders are intentional leaders who are personally invested in the way that those individuals in their group are walking out their faith in Jesus. Here’s a good job description
What does a disciple-making LifeGroup look like?
- We use language borrowed from Real Life Ministries (a church in Post Falls, Idaho) when we talk about how to make disciples within a LifeGroup. It includes three elements: First, disciple-making doesn’t happen without an intentional leader. An intentional leader is someone who is strategic and intentional about walking with others in their journey with Christ. Secondly, disciple-making happens in relational environments. A relational environment is a place where people feel safe to be themselves, and also accountable to be like Jesus. This most often is a small group. Third, disciple-makers need to be equipped with a reproducible process. In other words, they must recognize that people can be in different stages of their spiritual journey, and then be able to point them towards the steps they can take to grow in their journey. An intentional leader, relational environment, and reproducible process all comes together best in a LifeGroup. Thus, disciple-making happens best in LifeGroups. And ultimately, our mission as a church is fulfilled best in LifeGroups.
How can I start a LifeGroup?
- Thank you for wanting to form a disciple-making group at CHPC! We want to help you do that. Coming to the next Multiply seminar is a great place to start. Register by emailing Carole Hughes. Also, contact Pastor Megan Hackman. We would love to talk with you! 
What’s the difference between a Cove Group and a LifeGroup?
- Both “Cove Group” and “LifeGroup” is language CHPC has used for its small group ministries through the years. The main distinction is that Cove Groups were our first iteration of small groups and are predominantly defined by what they do when they’re together— typically share a meal, prayer, and time in scripture. Our Cove Groups tend to be larger, co-ed groups that meet monthly. Our LifeGroups are defined by why they exist— to make disciples. What they do when they are together might be similar and will include reflection on scripture and prayer. They tend to meet more regularly and can be men’s, women’s, or co-ed groups. We encourage Cove Groups to adopt the purpose to make disciples and consider themselves CHPC LifeGroups.
Where can I find out more about this new language for LifeGroups?
- If you want to grow as an intentional leader, or learn more about what a disciple-making LifeGroup can look like, consider taking a Multiply seminar. These one day learning experiences could revolutionize your LifeGroup. Contact Carole Hughes or call the church office at 253.851.7779 to sign up for the next seminar.
How can I update my group’s information on the website?
- Contact Carole Hughes.
How can I be a part of the new coaching structure for LifeGroup leaders?
- Begin by attending a Multiply seminar. If you already have attended, contact Pastor Megan Hackman for more information. We would love to connect you!