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Happy Independence Weekend


Posted by Julie Hawkins on

As we celebrate our nation’s independence with backyard BBQs, firework shows, and a bonus three-day weekend, a group of students from Chapel Hill will be watching fireworks on the national mall in Washington D.C. Doesn’t that sound like the quintessential American experience? I can...

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Fearless Q - Write Back 'Atcha On Whether the Bible Is Sexist


Posted by Pastor Megan Hackman on

On our second week of the Fearless Q series, the questions continue! Pastor Megan responds on behalf of Michelle Tepper. Take a moment to watch her responses. 

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Fearless Q - Write Back 'Atcha on Predestination


Posted by Pastor Larry Hackman on

We write a lot here at Chapel Hill, but for our Fearless Q sermon responses we thought we'd try a different medium every so often: video. So listen in as Pastor Larry responds to questions from this Sunday's sermon. 

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Young Leaders

Posted by Kathryn McIvor on

One of the unique and delightful parts of the Chapel Hill culture is the willingness to embrace young leaders.  Personally, I am on the receiving end of so much support, encouragement, and space to try and fail and succeed.  It’s a gift that I do not to take for granted, and I...

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A Healthy Backwards Glance

Posted by Pastor Mark Toone on

One of my favorite verses is Luke 9:62 where Jesus says, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” The historical context is simple. If the plowman was looking back over his shoulder, he would end up zigzagging his way across the field. The...

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